Volunteer with WISE

WISE values community participation and engagement. We have several volunteer roles and opportunities at WISE. We hope that you will join us to end gender-based violence in the Upper Valley.

Volunteer Advocates

Volunteer Advocates are an integral component of WISE’s 24-hour advocacy response. Advocates are trained on the dynamics of violence and are equipped with the skills to provide advocacy, support, and resources both over the phone and on-site at local emergency departments and police stations. Volunteers staff two shifts per month on our crisis line during nights, weekends and holidays, and support staff advocates during the day. The on-call schedule is flexible. Volunteers are paired with an experienced backup and given a pager to be able to respond to calls from their homes. Volunteer advocates must participate in both the Foundations of Gender-Based Violence and Supporting Survivors Training. These trainings take place throughout the year. For more information, contact volunteers@wiseuv.org.

WISE Ambassadors

Together, we can end violence in the Upper Valley. WISE Ambassadors play a critical role building WISE’s presence in the community. Ambassadors may table at community events, distribute WISE materials and volunteer in other ways to promote WISE visibility and access to advocacy in the community. Community members interested in becoming WISE Ambassadors must complete the Foundations of Gender-Based Violence training, which takes place throughout the year. For more information, contact volunteers@wiseuv.org.


Dedicated interns take on projects connected to the work at WISE. Interns focus on either community outreach and development, crisis and advocacy, or another specific project that meets the intern’s educational requirements as well as an identified need of the organization. WISE interns are required to complete, at a minimum, the Foundations of Gender-Based Violence training. For more information, contact volunteers@wiseuv.org.

Ready to Join Us?

WISE training provides the framework and skills to help end violence, share hope and change lives. Our popular Foundations of Gender-based Violence introduces the dynamics of gender-based violence and is recommended for everyone interested in understanding our work, becoming a Volunteer Advocate or Ambassador for WISE, or simply curious about how and why gender-based violence exists. Supporting Survivors prepares participants to volunteer on our crisis line.

Thank you for taking the time to fill out our volunteer application. Once we receive your application, we will contact you to schedule a time for you to visit the WISE Program Center to participate in an interview.

Or you can download the application and email it to volunteers@wiseuv.org.

Every hour, every day 866-348-WISE