Welcome, Dartmouth Community

WISE and Dartmouth College have partnered to provide WISE’s confidential advocacy to students, staff and faculty survivors on campus. WISE’s Campus Advocacy can help you to identify what, if any, on-campus or community resources would be helpful in the aftermath of violence. We also provide facilitated conversation and trainings to groups on campus that want to learn more about joining us to end violence.

How we help

We can answer questions, find resources and help you navigate all of your options – on and off campus. We can help you understand your rights, what each different process may offer and what kinds of support and resources are available. With information and support, you can make the best decisions for you.

We will not judge you or tell you what to do. We are not employees of the campus, and we do not have any on-campus mandates to report any information from survivors. We are with you and here to advocate for your needs. If you are concerned for a friend, have questions about a relationship or are confused about something that happened to you, WISE advocates are here to listen and support you.

Meet Bailey, your WISE Campus Connection

Ways to connect with WISE

On campus

WISE advocacy is on campus Mondays from 8am-4pm in 213 Wilson Hall. You can just stop by. Appointments can be made on campus any weekday.

By email or chat

You may choose to connect with the Campus Advocate via email. You can expect a response from a WISE advocate by the following business day. You can also live chat anonymously during business hours.

By phone

WISE has advocates available every hour, every day to support you. Call our confidential and free crisis line at 866-348-9473 to speak with an advocate or to schedule an appointment.

A note on confidentiality

All WISE advocacy is confidential, free and available every hour, every day. Some resources on campus are identified as “private” and are required to share all disclosures of sexual assault, sexual or gender-based harassment, dating or domestic violence and stalking with the Title IX Coordinator. Campus resources identified as “confidential” may not share your information without your expressed consent unless there is imminent danger to self or others, or as otherwise required by law.

Communication with WISE around gender-based violence, including relationship violence, sexual violence and stalking is privileged, which means WISE advocates will not share your information to anyone, as long as you are 18 years old or older.