Legal Services Program

WISE offers legal support for anyone experiencing gender-based violence because navigating complicated legal situations remains one of the biggest challenges survivors and their children face.

Immigration Legal Services

We provide legal services for foreign-born survivors of gender-based violence.

U.S. immigration law provides protection for immigrants who have been victims of crimes, including domestic violence and sexual assault, or who have suffered persecution before fleeing their home country. Through our Welcoming All Nationalities Network (WANN) Program, we offer free consultations to assess an individual’s eligibility for these humanitarian immigration options under the law. In appropriate cases, WANN provides representation for low-income or indigent immigrants who are survivors of gender-based violence.

Immigration legal services include:

  • VAWA petitions for survivors of domestic violence
  • Asylum
  • T visas for survivors of human trafficking
  • U visas for survivors of crimes
  • Naturalization
  • Other humanitarian petitions

Civil Legal Services

Coming soon.

Community Education and Networking

Through community education and networking, Welcoming All Nationalities Network (WANN) supports Upper Valley service providers that have contact with vulnerable immigrants, such as local medical providers and health clinics, public school educators, law enforcement and social service providers. Through information and advice pertaining to immigration processing and possibilities, we assist these organizations in providing the best services they can.