Legal Services Program

We provide essential legal services for survivors of gender-based violence who need legal support with immigration and family law. Access to legal support increases the ability to leave abuse and can help achieve positive outcomes for children and families. Our legal services program increases accessibility to legal representation through a variety of avenues fully supported by WISE advocacy. Referrals to our legal team are made through WISE Advocates only. To access legal support, please call 866-348-9473 and connect with a WISE Advocate. WISE support is available every hour, every day.

Immigration Law

We provide legal services for foreign-born survivors of gender-based violence.

U.S. immigration law protects immigrants who are victims of crimes, such as domestic violence, or who have suffered persecution before fleeing their home country. We give free consultations to assess an individual’s eligibility for humanitarian immigration status such as:

  • VAWA petitions for survivors of domestic violence
  • Asylum for survivors of gender-based violence
  • T Visas for survivors of human trafficking
  • U Visas for survivors of crimes
  • Naturalization for survivors of gender-based violence
  • Humanitarian petitions

Family Law

Navigating complicated legal situations and complex child custody issues can be a significant challenge that survivors and their children face. Having legal representation can provide protection against abuse and help secure the necessary supports to live independently.

Legal services include assistance in divorce and parenting matters for survivors of domestic violence in New Hampshire and Vermont.

Community Education and Networking

Through community education and collaborative networking, we support Upper Valley service providers who have contact with immigrants, such as local medical providers and health clinics, public school educators, law enforcement and social service providers. By providing information and advice pertaining to immigration processing and possibilities, we assist both individuals and organizations in providing the best services they can.