Does your partner…

  • get angryif you spend time with others or do things without them?
  • demandyou share your social media passwords, texts, location or let them go through your phone?
  • preventyou from working, sleeping, studying, taking care of yourself?
  • insistyou are wrong, you are crazy or you do not understand how relationships work?
  • claimyour friends or family are trying to break you up or ruin your relationship?
  • blame you for problems in your relationship?
  • pressureyou to do sexual things, drink, use drugs or do things that could get you into trouble?
  • destroyyour belongings or property around you?
  • make funof your looks, talents, hobbies, skills, friendships, intelligence or parenting?
  • provokeyou and blame you for your reaction?
  • threatento hurt you, themselves or spread personal information or pictures of you?
  • exposeyou to danger because of your sexuality, gender, race, religion, immigration status or other parts of your identity?

This is abuse. WISE advocates are here to listen and support you. We can answer your questions, help you find resources, navigate systems and support you as you think through what you want next for your life.

You're in control

What happens when I call?

When you call, a WISE advocate will listen to you, talk you through options, and you can decide what makes sense for you. We will not judge your decisions or tell you what to do. You are the expert in your life. All WISE support is confidential and free.

You have choices

I want to know what my options are.

Every situation is different, and no matter what happened, you deserve to have as much information as possible to decide what’s next. We can help you work through what’s important to you, and what you need right now. It might include immediate needs like medical care, housing, immigration support and legal help, or it might mean talking to an advocate who is by your side, helping you make sense of what you are experiencing.

Your call is confidential

I am afraid other people will find out.

Keeping survivor’s information confidential is a core commitment of our work. We will never share your information without your explicit instructions about how, with whom and when.